Why Outdoor Advertising?

Why is outdoor advertising the world’s oldest form of mass communication? Because it works! Accel Advertising will create a successful outdoor plan to assure that your message reaches its intended audience so you can bring in more customers.

Billboards are a great way to:

  • Build brand identity
  • Increase sales
  • Launch new products
  • Create customer interaction
  • Relevant, economical, timely, continuous, larger than life

Outdoor has the largest audience of any other type of advertising and it’s still growing! According to a study by Arbitron, people now spend less time reading the newspaper and watching television. Always on the go, today’s consumer spends fewer hours at home and more time on the road traveling to work and school or to shop and play. The average American drives 54 minutes every day for a total of 302 miles per week!

Outdoor Advertising is Relevant – Advertising renewals are increasingly high in the outdoor industry for one reason – IT WORKS!
Reach Your Best Prospects – The adult, the educated and the affluent when they are on their way to buy.
Be Remembered! – Repetition is the key to product awareness and necessary to keep your business at the front of your customer’s mind. A billboard campaign will easily get your message across to millions of people.
Capture Your Audience – Outdoor’s dynamic presence will ensure that your marketing campaign receives undivided attention. Outdoor is effective as a single media campaign or as a compliment to other media adding reach, frequency and impact to your marketing strategy.
Timely – Reach your audience when they are in the marketplace ready to buy.
Big and Bold! – Outdoor demands attention by delivering your selling message as larger than life.
Always On – Your outdoor message will never be covered up, turned off or set aside. Every message is displayed boldly and individually, without the need to compete for space or attention. Deliver your message continuously with frequency that is unequaled by other forms of advertising.
Economical – Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Outdoor ads cost 80 percent less than television commercials, 60 percent less than newspaper ads, and 50 percent less than radio ads.
Time is Money – Billboards allow you to reach more people faster and easier than any other type of media. No other type of advertising allows your message to be displayed continuously for a quick return on your advertising investment.

Easily target a specific market with outdoor advertising eliminating wasted exposure. Co-op advertising support is provided by our experienced sales team.

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